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Cable measuring wheel Metrazh-K



Cable measuring wheel Metrazh-K is designed to measure the length of cable when performing trade or other technological operations.

The meter consists of a measuring wheel, an incremental encoder and a pulse counter.




Operating parameters 
Cable diameter 1…40 mm
Max. cable pulling speed 600 m/min
Lenght measurement error ± 0,1% **
Lenght resolution 0,8 mm
Reverse count function yes
Type of electrical converter incremental converter 400 pulse/rev
Digital counter

- electronic, 6 digit
- power supply 220V
- 2 programmable multifunctional relays
- the possibility of remote installation

Complementary parameters  
Measuring wheel material hardened steel
Roller crate vertical and horizontal adjustment of guide rollers
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) 380х114х315 mm
Operating temperature -10…+50 °С
Weight 2 kg (measuring wheel)
8 кг (total weight)

** Accuracy is understood as the correspondence of the counter readings to the real length of the product with a non-metallic surface and an even profile


Overall dimensions: